The Danish Health Confederation

Who are we?

The Danish Health Confederation is a negotiation and cooperation organization of more than 80,000 employees within the health care system.

The Danish Health Confederation was founded in September 1997, with the aim to ensure the associated organizations the greatest possible influence as regards issues of contract law, for the benefit of employees within the public sector. The Danish Health Confederation can launch common initiatives in fields that are of common interest to the associated organizations, for the benefit of their members within the health care system.

The Negotiation Committee is the decision-making body of the Danish Health Confederation which consists of the chairmen of each organization. Dorthe Boe Danbjørg is the chairman of the Danish Health Confederation.

Furthermore, the Danish Health Confederation is part of a negotiation cooperation body at collective bargaining, called Forhandlingsfællesskabet, meaning Negotiation Community. Forhandlingsfællesskabet represents more than a half million employees in the public sector. This gives the Danish Health Confederation a powerful voice at collective bargaining and emphasizes both the value of collective bargaining and The Danish Model on collective bargaining.

The eight member organizations of The Danish Health Confederation


Members of the Danish Health Confederation:

The Danish Nurses’ Organization
The Danish Association of Dental Hygienists
The Danish Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists
The Danish Association of Pharmaconomists
The Danish Diet & Nutrition Association
The Danish Association of Psychomotricity
The Danish Council of Radiographers
The Association of Danish Podiatrists

Head of Negotiation of the Danish Health Confederation is:

Helle Varming